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The Producer's Guide to Workflow & Creativity

“Lightbulbs continue to go off after reading this book.”

— Peter L.

The Creative Death Trap That Snags Unaware Music Producers

Let me know if this sounds familiar…

You focused diligently and put in the time to become a better producer.

Hours. Weeks. Months. Years.

Time spent developing skills like mixing, sound design, arrangement and songwriting.

Your music rapidly improved, track after track.

You could sit down and pump something out with ease.

You were on the UP. Going places. Excited for what the future might bring.

But then, somewhere along the way, something changed…

Instead of being motivated, confident, and creative—you now find yourself in a different place:

You feel like the producer version of Sisyphus. Constantly pushing uphill. Never “arriving.” Never finishing. 

How I launched myself out of the creative rut

My name is Sam Matla and I’m a music producer and entrepreneur from New Zealand. 

10 years ago I started producing music and instantly fell in love. It came naturally to me having played multiple instruments throughout my childhood and teen years.

I started off with a bang. I was producing 2-3 tracks per week. My output was insane.

And then it came to a grinding halt. 

I couldn’t finish anything. In fact, I could barely start a halfway-decent project.

I’d built up all these production skills, but I couldn’t use them.

That led to a long journey of attempted “fixes” that didn’t help solve the problem AT ALL…

"Band-Aid" Solutions (None of These Work)

What actually worked: systems, habits & focus

All the band-aid solutions I tried came up short.

Some would temporarily fix the problem, or give me inspiration for a few days, but inevitably I ended up right back in the same rut I was before.

I knew something needed to change, and I embarked on a long journey of learning about creativity, psychology, productivity, and ultimately why I couldn’t do what I wanted to do: produce music and actually finish it.

I read dozens of books, many of them 2-3 times over. I had hundreds of conversations with other artists. I studied, applied, and eventually came across a set of systems and habits that worked.

Not only did I get out of my rut, I launched out of it. Instead of feeling stuck, frustrated, and hopeless when working on projects…

…I felt like a creative genius. Confident. Optimistic. Results-focused.

And despite what marketing gurus will tell you, there wasn’t just ONE thing I did that changed the game for me. There wasn’t one trick. I wish there was, but there isn’t.

Instead, there were a few key systems and habits that really moved the needle and enabled me to transform my creative output from zero to prolific.

As a result?

That’s my story. But what about yours?

How to Become a High-Output Producer (and Finally Escape the Creative Death Trap)

If you’ve read this far, I’m guessing that you struggle with the same problems I did.

You find it hard to start new projects and build momentum…

When you do start projects and make progress, finishing them seems like an impossible task…

And on those rare occasions when you do finish a new track, you feel like it’s just lacking. It’s basic, not very interesting, and not unique.

You’ve probably tried fixing this with some band-aid solutions, similar to what I did. You’ve tried new plugins, software, took a course or two, watched tutorials… but you’ve ended up in the same place.

The truth is, you can get out of the creative rut you’re in. And you can transform yourself from procrastinator to high-output producer.

But it requires a plan, strong intention, and systems that become habits.

The Producer’s Guide to Workflow & Creativity reveals the exact framework you can use to increase your creative output, destroy writer’s block, and reignite the passion for music production that’s been lying dormant for too long.

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The Producer's Guide to Workflow & Creativity has helped thousands of producers end writer's block and make better music...

“It covered everything that bothered me and it was the only thing I found on the Internet that addressed my questions word for word.”
— Maroš K.
“…It really made me re-think the way I approach workflow and gave me a “glass half-full” mindset whenever I found or allocated time to produce. Thanks Sam!”
— Harris R.
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“Lightbulbs continue to go off after reading this book.”
— Peter L.
“This guide will not only excel your workflow but will bring back the most important aspect to music production, having fun.”
— Ian P.
“Sam has a way of pulling together new ideas and things we know we should be doing in our creative life in a clear and simple way.”
— Keith K.
“Very inspiring stuff. I definitely plan to use this book as a guide, something I can resort to when I get stuck.”
— Bogdan
“Thank you for writing this book. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!!”
— Ignacio

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“Lightbulbs continue to go off after reading this book.”

— Peter L.

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